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Amazing Planet - Amazing Fun

Weird news - October 30, 2007

Olympic size wedding dress!

Gaming news - October 26, 2007

Top 10 games deserving of a remake!

Movie & celebrity news - October 21, 2007

Child's Play Remake in the Works!

Sport news - October 19, 2007

Henry break's Platini's French record!

Weird news - October 17, 2007

Film fans build their own Transformer!

Gaming news - October 14, 2007

BioShock vs. Halo 3!

Movie & celebrity news - October 11, 2007

Sweeney Todd Trailer!

Sport news - October 9, 2007

Alonso quizzed by Italy magistrate!

Weird news - October 6, 2007

Cop uses BB gun to save 'jarhead' skunk!

Gaming news - October 3, 2007

The Command And Conquer Saga Announced!

Achmed - Dead Terrorist
Achmed - Dead Terrorist!
25 Most Awesome Horror Kills
25 Most Awesome Horror Kills
Top 90's worst music videos
Top 90's worst music videos
Top Gun explained by Quentin Tarantino
What TOP GUN is really about
Darth Vader In Love
Darth Vader In Love
Will Ferrell in Good Cop, Baby Cop
Will Ferrell in Good Cop, Baby Cop


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