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Last years of Darth Vader

In a galaxy far, far away, we had this Dark Lord of the Sith called, Darth Vader. One day, in has brand new Death Star, he met his old master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. And because he tried to kill him 19 years ago, he decided to show him how angry is he, by doing this...

But those "evil" rebels destroyed his brand new Death Star, and he managed to escape the destruction in a nick of time.
Death Star Destruction

That was one his greatest failures. But, Emperor was in a good mood, and it helped that in that moment, there weren't a lot of those who could take Vader's place. Three years later he was engaged in Battle of Hoth.

And it ended well for him, although he didn't caught key figures of Rebel Alliance. Unfortunately, one of these was his son Luke Skywalker. So he decided to arrange a meeting with his long lost son. And to do that, he had to find the way to lure him in. Because Luke's weakness were his friends, he used them as a bait. And this is what happened then...

He told him the truth...

Or for those of you that speak Spanish...

After this fiasco, he was ordered to go around the galaxy, and deal with rebel scum. But, one year later, another Death Star was being constructed. So he went there to see what is going on, and to talk with his master, Emperor Palpatine. When he arrived...

Moff Jerjerrod asked him is he tired or maybe wanted to relax a little.
Moff Jerjerrod

He told him that they installed, brand new photo booth. So Darth was thinking, "Should I choke him for not paying me respect, or should I take a picture, to remember this glorious moment?" He decided to take a picture in a brand new photo booth. He went in, took the picture, but when he looked at it, this is what he saw...

Darth Vader Photo

Oh, and his second Death Star was also destroyed.

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